Patricia Perales García

Original Artwork by Patricia Perales. Intricately handcrafted ceramic relief fired and meticulously crafted with textile, thread, casein paint and oil pastel.

The ceramic base serves as a sturdy support for the carefully arranged textiles, which are intricately folded and stitched to create captivating compositions.

One of a kind. Signed on the back by the artist. A hook is attached to the back.

The artwork is equally beautiful when displayed on your wall or resting on a flat surface in your home.

Handmade with attention to detail in her studio, Patricia Perales’ work embodies a dedication to craftsmanship and aesthetic sustainability. Inspired by diversity, minimalism, and architectural beauty. — Created to stand alone or combined with other pieces.

Each composition is thoughtfully curated with no more than five elements or colours.


Measurements: H 41 x W 34 x D 2.5 cm