Patricia Perales García, a Spanish artist based in Copenhagen, intricately weaves together textile design and ceramics to craft unique works that mirror her internal landscapes. With a background in costume design from Florence and seven years of artistic exploration in London, García’s practice is now centred between Copenhagen and the tranquil Danish island of Glænø.

For García, each piece begins with careful consideration of colour, composition, and personal introspection. Her creations serve as a journey through her inner life, with each work unfolding as an independent character that contributes to a larger narrative.

Drawing inspiration from her upbringing in Northern Spain and the architectural landscapes of Copenhagen, García’s reliefs blend clay, textiles, and colour with an instinctive rhythm. Her meticulous process involves creating her pigments and colours, whether through the laborious method of crafting casein paint from powder pigments or the freer approach offered by oil pastels.

In her ceramic and textile assemblages, García evokes fragments of memory and the changing seasons. From hand-coiled terracotta pots to layered textiles stitched together in narrow strips, her works narrate stories of upbringing and dreamlike memories, capturing the essence of her journey as an artist.