Born in 1988, July is a Dutch artist that focuses on minimalistic shapes. In her artworks, she always seeks for the ultimate balance in an everchanging environment. Many materials, shapes and colours get involved in the process of creating her sculptures, and that synchronisation process, she says, is what it’s all about.

Her artistic journey started out at the Artemis Academy in Amsterdam. After graduating in 2012, July took on a job as interior stylist at Piet Boon Studio. She worked hard and learned a lot, but her creativity kept limited to the company’s assignments. In 2014 she started doing her own thing.

At first, she offered a range of freelance services such as photography, styling and graphic design. She made her art works in whatever spare time she had left. As the first two years as a freelancer passed by, she focussed on artworks more and more. Especially over the last two years, she got mingled up into many processes of creation, evolving into the minimalistic, abstract and modern art maker she is today.