Green Coral Chalk Sculpture

Noa Gammelgaard

Unique object by Noa Gammelgaard. Handmade and one-of-a-kind. Hand-painted with homemade pigment paint, made from raw pigment from Venezia and Danish coral chalk.

Signed on the bottom by the artist.

Inspired by the imprints and rich textures of chalk. 
Denmark is built on chalk and in between its layers upon layers of history and materials you can find imprints and fossils. 
The organic shapes of Noa Gammelgaard’s artworks are made with the same thought of creating an imprint with a sculpture as a layer or a little history on the canvas.

Noa Noon Gammelgaard is a Danish artist based in the heart of Copenhagen. Besides her art prints, she works with different assignments, from art direction and graphic work to paintings and sculptures.


Measurements: H 24 x W 21 x D 9 cm


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