Amalgam Sculpture Large

Anne Nowak

Original artwork by Danish artist Anne Nowak and Australian creative Ari Prasetya. Made with wood, soapstone, glass and mirror. One of a kind.

In the AMALGAM Collection, you will find familiar objects that have been made unfamiliar by the choice of materials, shapes and colours. It is something that moves on the edge between art and design. Between form and function.

Anne Nowak is known for her atmospheric artworks that stretch from functional design into the depths of the universe and has a long creative practice behind her. Starting out with a degree in textile design, she is in a constant evolutionary process as a human and as an artist. Australian-born Ari Prasetya did not come into the world of arts and design by the straight and narrow road. But by appreciating how things work. Instead, his craftsmanship was and is driven by curiosity and the joy of expressing himself.

Measurements: L 60 x W 11 H 60 cm


Available in our Copenhagen gallery only.

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“Creating the AMALGAM exhibition has been a case of trying something and then trying again: Consistently working towards something undefined as if in a hectic jive.”