At the heart of Edward Willes’ work lies an exploration of portraits that captivate through their unique presentation. Willes’ distinctive style is characterized by a harmonious interplay between geometric precision and a refreshingly clean palette.

The application of his artistic technique, while seemingly naive, is a deliberate choice that lends a sense of authenticity to his subjects. This marriage of precision and unassuming application results in a body of work that is both experimental and softly executed, inviting viewers into a world of aesthetic contemplation. Willes’ artistic voice resonates with a nuanced ambiguity that challenges traditional notions of portraiture.

Central to Willes’ portfolio is his distinctive geometric approach. Every brushstroke is meticulously placed, evoking a sense of order and structure that coexists with the simplicity of his subjects. The resulting compositions are a visual delight, weaving a delicate dance between the controlled and the untamed, the structured and the unrestrained.