Doodle III

Sofia Tufvasson

One of a kind, handmade sculpture in stoneware created by Swedish artist Sofia Tufvasson.

Like doodling with a pen on a piece of paper Sofia Tufvasson uses the same way to create her sculpture. They grow slowly until finally its a beautiful and comfortable shape.

When Sofia Tufvasson works with clay she is balancing on a fine line between mastering the willful material and also setting it free. As Sofia puts it “the clay has its own life, it has memory” – by letting the clay have its freedom Sofia ends up with sculptures representing freedom and movement.

“I have as long as I remember loved to be creative and it has been a challenge to find new ways to express my ideas, with many different materials during the years. But clay is my absolute favorite. It is complicated and very often a frustrating material to work with due to a lot of limitations but at the same time so close and alive.”

Measurements: L 14 x W 14 x H 15 cm




“I work a lot with watching the movement and to treat the clay-like another material. Like a draped fabric that gives the clay live and makes the flowing surface and a pleasant play with light and shadows.”