Bryozo Chalk Danica OO

Noa Gammelgaard

Original artwork by Noa Gammelgaard. Handpainted with homemade pigment paint, made from raw pigment from Venezia and Danish coral chalk. Painted on handmade paper.

Signed by the artist.

Noa Noon Gammelgaard is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen. Besides her art prints, she works with different assignments, from art direction and graphic work to paintings and sculptures. She is currently a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Framing: We recommend having this artwork custom framed with spacers and float mounting to add depth and show the raw edges of the paper.

Frame not included.

Measurements: L 64 x H 92 cm



“I always strive to find a balance in shapes and colors. I work with colors as a painter did for about 200 years ago, I travel around the world to find the right raw pigment, from nature or secret places. Lately, I have been working with chalk pigment, from the rare Danish coral chalk. With the raw pigment, I can reach the exact nuance for my paint. The shapes are abstract abstractions of places from around the world. Therefore each art piece is named by its shapes origins.”