Nowhere Land No. 05

Mille Henriksen

Acrylic paint on canvas.

Mille Henriksen is a Danish artist and graphic designer from Aarhus, now living in Copenhagen.

This painting takes one to a haze of place that has yet to be explored – a nowhere land. Mille Henriksen describes a nowhere land as a place expressing endlessness and that calming state of mind – under water, up in the sky, or all the somewhere in between of the world.

“The attraction to the endless ways of visual expression combined with the power of possible magic brought to life on a canvas or a blank piece of paper is always my core drive towards the exciting expectation of new sceneries waiting to emerge.”

Measurements:  L 100 x W 2 x H 120 cm



Mille Henriksen works with a technique of many layers of paint – But all of these are very thin and transparent as she aims to emphasize a certain multifaceted atmosphere. 
Most used tools include brushes, putty knives and sponges.

“I enjoy very much experimenting with shapes, colors and textures to obtain and emphasize different expressions or atmospheres – Therefore you’ll find a great variation in my work.” — Mille Henriksen