La Baigneuse

Sheryn Bullis

Original artwork by Sheryn Bullis. Hand carved wood on wood panel, painted with layers of matte white paint. Signed, dated and specified on the back.

When creating this piece Sheryn Bullis’ goal was to create a minimalist, multidimensional piece that acts as a narrator when presented with light. As shadows fall on the matte white surface a variety of stories can be told, depending on the source of light or where the onlooker stands. The title ‘La Baigneuse’ is a referring nod to previous bather painting made by great artistic masters such as Picasso, Seurat and Cezanne. Bullis builds on this tradition, but opens up her work with a modern take, where she lets the powers of light and shadow tell the story of the work outside of the actual wok itself.

Sheryn Bullis is a British-American artist living in Helsinki. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has worked full-time as an artist since 2002

Measurements: L 40 x W 4 x H 50 cm



“Art is a way for me to express my perception of the world without words. I have a need to make visual representations of my observations, as I am a rather quiet person. Art also allows me to push myself in new directions, which is a way of moving forward in life. I’m constantly asking myself; — How can I interpret this idea visually?”

“Art brings warmth and soul to an interior. Since people tend to display art that speaks to them in some way, the artwork radiates that perception to the person who chose it. For those who enter the room, the artwork conveys a message about the person who lives in that space, and therefore makes the space more intimate and cosier.”