Meguro Object 09

Jeba Arkitekter

Unique object by Jeba Arkitekter part of the Meguro Objects series.

The sculptures in the Meguro Objects series are each a unique object-based on architectural studies of spaces in the city of Tokyo. 
Meguro Objects are experimental investigations of the gaps and empty spaces in the district Naka Meguro. They are studies of the void.

“Our work always starts from a specific place and the idea that architecture needs to be guided by the context. We are not limited by scale as we believe the quality of a project is controlled by shifting between the big picture and the detail.” — Jeba Arkitekter

Measurements: L 9 x W 11 x H 12 cm



“Our architecture and design practice is experimental and evolves beyond buildings.  We intuitively link art and architecture and are focused on how spaces, light, materials and atmospheres affect people. Alongside our work we produce different series of artworks, which are conceptual studies of architectural contexts. These artworks are often used as reflection tools for developing new projects. “