Atelier Armand

White hand sculpted stoneware by Atelier Armand. Stamped on the bottom.

Inspired by nature and the stones the artist used to find in the outer Archipelago as a child.

Cecilia Armand is the designer and artist behind Atelier Armand. Based in Stockholm, she makes sculptural and functional one of a kind objects crafted by hand. She likes to explore different textures and combines soft and hard shapes.

Art and interior design has always been a big part of Cecilia’s life and the interest started at a young age. She has always created in one way or another and after building a career in PR and advertising she longed to create with her hands. Making sculptures and artworks in clay was initially considered a hobby, but Cecilia quickly realised that she had found her calling.


Measurements: L 12 x W 20 x H 9 cm