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Anette Hallbäck

Original artwork by Anette Hallbäck. Plaster mix on fine high-quality linen canvas, painted white.

The artwork may vary slightly from the photo as all artworks are made individually by hand.

Anette Hallbäck is a Swedish artist, with a background in the retail fashion industry, but later changed direction and became a stylist/interior designer. Being creative has always been an important part of her life and she has always loved to draw and do things with her hands. For the last couple of years Anettes main focus has been on creating and making her art

Measurements:  L 40 x W 2 x H 50 cm



“I find my inspiration in many things and situations but especially from the Scandinavian nature and see. There I find my patterns. Since I’ve worked with fashion before, I also take in a lot of inspiration from there, in the nuances and colors that I want to work with.”